Ecommerce Management

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a business model that lets firms and individuals buy and sell things over the internet. E-commerce operates in all four of the following major market segments:

  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer to business

"Ecommerce PRO" is a full solution for the Business Management Method of Multi Vendor Ecommerce. This CMS contains almost everything you need to create a website for an e-commerce company. For a simple payment transaction, Paypal, Stripe and Distribution Payment are combined. For consumers, vendors and website administrators, there are three kinds of admin panel. An e-commerce platform is a tool that is used to manage an e-commerce business. E-commerce platform options exist for clients ranging in size from small businesses to large enterprises. These e-commerce platforms include online marketplaces

When consumers buy multiple items from different suppliers, the administrator will receive the order details and each vendor will receive the order details of their products. The other vendor order information will not be viewed by vendors. E-commerce, which can be conducted over computers, tablets, or smartphones may be thought of like a digital version of mail-order catalog shopping. Nearly every imaginable product and service is available through e-commerce transactions, including books, music, plane tickets, and financial services