Hospital Management System

Clinic / Pharmacy Management System is a web-based solution that helps clinics to streamline their clinic and pharmacy / Stock management efficiently resulting in higher efficiencies and faster patient turnaround time. The Clinical Management System is intended for the complete streamlining of the clinic and business operations, a one system solution for delivering optimal patient treatment flow and complete documentation of the treatment outcomes.

Pharmacy Management System is a managed system that consists of data entry, retrieval and monitoring stock, sale, and customer record and management administrator records determination of the minimum quantity of each drug. This technique is referred to by drugs name code and description of drugs. This system also provides two types of methods which are the quantity and expiry date of the drugs. This system always checks the date of remind the salesman if the certain drug has expired and will be triggered to remind the salesman if the certain of drugs reached the minimum quantity.

This system can meet the end-to-end operational necessities to supply comprehensive pharmacy services. The daily task management of a pharmacy is all in all a complex task management system. Because a pharmacy an employee has to work longer hours due to query management, handling payments and dues of customers or patients and daily expenditure management. With a paperless, faster and accurate execution – pharmacy management system is really very important.