Hotel Management System

ApPHP Hotel Platform Light is a versatile script for hotel management and web booking/booking sites. This script is a completely functioning PHP solution for handling hotels, holiday flats or guesthouses of small to medium sizes. Our hotel reservation system enables you to start booking and customer management online in minutes. It is specially designed to ease the process of online hotel booking.

Hotel management system makes all the tasks more simple, either directly or indirectly. Directly in that the system will perform many tasks autonomously, and indirectly because it gives you back many hours of your time that you can spend on equally important activities such as keeping guests satisfied.

Through a hotel management system you can get:

  • Processing reservations via any channel
  • Check-in and check-out guests
  • Manage guest booking details and guest profiles
  • Managing inventory, rates, and availability
  • Organizing housekeeping tasks and schedule
  • Processing transactions such as payments, deposits, and refunds
  • Owning guest communications
  • Managing property maintenance
  • Generating business performance reports
  • Handling front office accounting